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You don't seek the object, you seek the energy

Think of something that you think you want.

Maybe it’s a car, some money, a partner, whatever.

Hold that idea in your head.

Notice how you feel.

Observe how the very thought form of this idea is making you feel a certain way.. it has it's own distinct feeling.

How would you feel if this desire was fulfilled?

Take a moment and imagine it.

You probably feel a shift.

That’s because don’t actually want the object, you want the energy that you believe the object holds.

You want to feel fulfilled so the longing will finally cease.

A secret of life is that the object will never fulfill you, because it isn't what you seek in the first place.

So retrieve your energy, and simply allow yourself to receive it.

Ceaseless action is mindless and is nothing more than a futile attempt by the ego to satisfy something that can inwardly be satisfied much easier.

Open yourself to the possibility of receiving the object.

The only reason why you feel longing for it is because you have closed yourself to receiving the energy of the object.

So take a few breaths, relax, and allow yourself to receive the energy, the true “essence” behind that which you seek.

Enjoy it now and enjoy for as long as you wish.

And then forget about it.

That’s the magic of life.

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