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Separation From Truth

Compare the state of an enlightened monk to the state of a violent criminal.

The two are very different. One has let go of all falsehoods in order to become permanently aware of their true nature as Spirit.

The other have become so lost in delusion from the Truth, that they willingly harm others in an attempt to relieve their own self-created pain.

Seen at these extremes, it becomes clear that the scale of consciousness is really just different levels of separation from God.

The further you move down the scale, the more “separate” you are from your true unity with God as a soul.

Such separation is only an illusion though, since you can never actually “separate yourself” from what you truly are.

It is instead a self-created separation of ones awareness and consciousness from the One, True Universal Source.

This is why moving down the scale means moving further into forgetfulness, or "cosmic delusion".

Low states of consciousness are simply an ignorance of the Divine Union that you share with the Ultimate. An ignorance of your true Identity.

Therefore, the more you move downward, the more you are concerned with your false self (ego identity), and the dissatisfaction of the material world.

But despite how "real" it may try to make itself appear to you, on some level the ego understands that it’s time is limited. And as a distraction from this painful fact of reality, it deludes itself in the noise of life and fails to see anything beyond it.

Choosing to live in this egoic state of delusion reduces our true free will.

At some point in our life, we’ve all felt like a paper bag going through the wind mindlessly. It is at this level that our awareness is incredibly contracted, unaware of it's nature beyond the ego. We may be constantly thinking, but never actually feeling alive in these moments.

But the fantastic thing about it all is that we don’t have to live like this.

If what every major religion has to say is true, if God is the Universal Truth and we are made in His Image, then we surely can experience this for ourselves.

The goal is to find what you are beyond the body, beyond the mind.

That is where the Truth lies.

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