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Restlessness, the enemy of life

When water is still, it is clear.

When waves come, the image becomes distorted and you can no longer see what lies beyond the surface.

Such is the nature of our minds.

Under the crashing waves of restlessness lies a deep, calm sea of peace.

But when the mind is not taken care of, these waves of restlessness prevent us from seeing past the surface.

And those waves on the surface look different to everyone. Maybe it's financial concerns, unaddressed emotions, or an addiction to something.

But no matter what the origin of the waves may be, their nature is always the same: a distraction from the beauty of life beyond the surface.

So just for a moment, stop running away.

Stop thinking.

Stop doing.

See what's under the waves.

"You find all by losing all" ~Anandamayi Ma

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